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Gas burner

GG10 LNLow emissions according to EN 676 Emission Class 3

The low-emission gas burner GG10-LN of Giersch is a small powerhouse. Burner capacities from 12 to 90 kW can be achieved easily with him. The innovative hybrid fan technology ensures large power ranges and a stable start-up. The high pressure fan, which provides a precision mixing device for optimal mixing of air and gas is generated with lower power consumption.

The innovative star-mixing head is a guarantee for lowest NOx emissions possible. Results are well below the requirements of emission class 3 of EN676.

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Brenner MG20-LNLow emissions according to EN 676 Emission Class 3

Great performances require a pressure-stable fan in an extended burner geometry. A technical specification that Giersch has achieved by sophisticated design of the MG-LN.

The gas burner MG-LN includes optimized air channels, providing a quiet and stable pressure blower. The high pressure fan, and the precision mixing device for optimal mixing of air and gas is provided from the blower. The innovative star-mixing head is a guarantee for lowest NOx emissions. The EN676 gives emissions well below
class 3.


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Gasbrenner schadstoffarm nach EN 676 Emissionsklasse 3

Mit dem neuen MG40 erweitert GIERSCH die M-Baureihe
in zwei Leistungsgrößen auf 4,9 und 6,3 MW.
Das Hochleistungsgebläse ist besonders effizient, stromsparend
und geräuscharm.
Das moderne Feuerungsmanagement ermöglicht den
intermittierenden als auch den Dauerbetrieb.
Optional kommt eine Restsauerstoffregelung zur Effizienzsteigerung
der Verbrennung und zur weiteren Minimierung des Schadstoffausstoßes
zum Einsatz.

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RG1Standard EN 676 Emission Class 1 and 2

Suitable for natural gas, liquid gas or town gas, for a low or high heat requirement, for a heating boiler or industrial applications, for new installations or for conversion from oil to gas. The RG series is supplied complete with high-grade valve fittings, the requisite connection elbows, unions and gas ball cock.

The burner concept provides -two-stage- or modulating-operation. The burner gives off more or less power depending on the heat requirement. Burner starts and the prescavenging losses and startup emissions associated with them are reduced to a minimum. The annual utilization ratio is increased. The modulating output control operates with a gas/air compound. Combustion is constant over the entire working range.

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Brenner MG10Standard EN 676 Emission Class 1 and 2

High outputs require a pressure-stable blower with prolate burner geometry. This is a technical specification which GIERSCH has realized in the MG series with a well reasoned design.

The MG series has optimized air guidance, providing a quiet and pressure-stable blower. This blower guarantees safe startup behaviour, i.e. carefree operation. The air duct through which the combustion air is taken in is fully lined with a highly effective silencing material.


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