RG1Standard EN 676 Emission Class 1 and 2

Suitable for natural gas, liquid gas or town gas, for a low or high heat requirement, for a heating boiler or industrial applications, for new installations or for conversion from oil to gas. The RG series is supplied complete with high-grade valve fittings, the requisite connection elbows, unions and gas ball cock.

The burner concept provides -two-stage- or modulating-operation. The burner gives off more or less power depending on the heat requirement. Burner starts and the prescavenging losses and startup emissions associated with them are reduced to a minimum. The annual utilization ratio is increased. The modulating output control operates with a gas/air compound. Combustion is constant over the entire working range.


RG1 SchnittBrenner RG20 Schnitt

The pressure-stable blower ensures safe startup behaviour.

GIERSCH does not invest only in intelligent solutions to technical problems, but also in production, high-grade materials, careful assembly and strict final inspection with unerring inspection methods. Every GIERSCH gas burner is tested complete with flame at our works and is preset to a low output.

All things that make the difference that provides GIERSCH quality.




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