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Brenner MG20-LNLow emissions according to EN 676 Emission Class 3

Great performances require a pressure-stable fan in an extended burner geometry. A technical specification that Giersch has achieved by sophisticated design of the MG-LN.

The gas burner MG-LN includes optimized air channels, providing a quiet and stable pressure blower. The high pressure fan, and the precision mixing device for optimal mixing of air and gas is provided from the blower. The innovative star-mixing head is a guarantee for lowest NOx emissions. The EN676 gives emissions well below
class 3.



MG20-LN DisplayMG20-LN Display

The oil burners MG-LN are equipped for two-stage and modulating capacity control. In accordance to heat demand the burner delivers more or less power.
Burner starts and the associated losses and startup emissions be reduced to a minimum. The annual efficiency increases. The power control operates in the gas-air ratio. Combustion is stable across the full operating range.

The valves of the gas train are pre-assembled at the factory as a unit, sealed and tested together with the burner flame. All electrical connections are pluggable. This provides security and shortens the time of commissioning.
High quality components, careful assembly and the unerring test methods are the final guarantor of the quality that makes the Giersch brand.



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