Brenner MG10Standard EN 676 Emission Class 1 and 2

High outputs require a pressure-stable blower with prolate burner geometry. This is a technical specification which GIERSCH has realized in the MG series with a well reasoned design.

The MG series has optimized air guidance, providing a quiet and pressure-stable blower. This blower guarantees safe startup behaviour, i.e. carefree operation. The air duct through which the combustion air is taken in is fully lined with a highly effective silencing material.


Brenner MGBrenner MG

The MG series is equipped with a special mixing device, the GIERSCH NOx down-mixer. The gas combusts virtually CO free with the NOx - emissions far below the limits of DIN EN 676.

The high-grade valve fittings on the gas line are pre-assembled at our factory as compact units, and then sealed and tested together with the burner complete with flame. All electrical connections are plug connections. This provides safety and shortens the commissioning time. It also saves you money.

The gas burners MG are equipped for two-stage or modulating modes of operation. The burner gives off more or less power depending on the heat requirement. Burner starts and the pre-purge losses and startup emissions associated with them are reduced to a minimum. The annual utilization ratio is increased. The burners are fitted with an air/gas ratio controller. Combustion is constant over the entire working range.




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