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GB3000 thOil burner low emissions according to EN267 Emission Class 3

Easy description of the combustion process in GB3000?
The combustion air blower fan generates the high pressure which is needed for optimum mixing of fuel and air. Hot combustion gas is drawn through the fuel injector -air mixture, and provides for complete vaporization of the fine oil droplets. The resulting gas burns blue and leaves no residue in the burner tube.

GB3000 SchnittGB3000 Schnitt

Reduction of noise in the combustion of fuel oil. 
After intensive research in the field of flame dynamics, the new GB3000 reduces noise at the collar. By introducing targeted secondary air, the mixture and evaporation process and the loud resonant oscillations in the flame is avoided completely. This ensures optimized performance of our super quiet GB3000.

Thoughtful design ensures ease of use in service of the GB3000. After loosening the quick release fastening  the base plate is simply hung in the service position. All functional elements from the fan on the ignition to the air sleeve are freely accessible.

High quality components, careful assembly and the unerring test methods are the final guarantor of the quality that makes the Giersch brand.

GB3000 PrinzipGB3000 Prinzip


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