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Brenner R1Oil burner low emissions according to EN267 Emission Class 1 and 2

The GIERSCH R burner is an extremely successful model. It's been in our product range for years and has proven itself several thousand times over. Technically it has been continuously and consistently perfected. A burner series for almost any application. Suitable for a small boiler for a one-family house or for larger dwellings, for warm air heaters, baking ovens and dryers.

The oil burners type R are equipped with state-of-the-art blower technology. The high blower compression ensures stable and safe startup behaviour and a very good smoke pattern. The precision mixing device provides for the optimized thorough mixing of the air and oil.

Brenner R20 BiNox SchnittBrenner R20 BiNox SchnittDas Erkennungszeichen der Baureihe R ist die Bauform. Unter der runden Brennerhaube herrscht Ordnung. Alle Komponenten sind übersichtlich und servicefreundlich angeordnet. Alle elektrischen Anschlüsse sind steckbar. herrscht Ordnung. Ein wichtiges Detail in der durchdachten Konstruktion stellt die Serviceposition dar. Nach Lösen der Schnellverschlüsse wird der Brenner in die Serviceposition gehängt. Alle Funktionselemente, angefangen beim Lüfterrad bis hin zur Stauscheibe mit den Zündelektroden, sind in der Serviceposition frei zugänglich.

Series R is recognizable by its shape. Order prevails under its round burner hood. All components are arranged tidily and easy to service. All electrical connections are plug connections. The servicing position is an important detail of its well-thought out design. After releasing the quick-acting closures the burner is hooked in the servicing position. In the servicing position all functional elements, from the fan to the baffle plate with the ignition electrodes, are freely accessible.

The unique duo air control system is a special feature. On the single-stage burner version the air volume and compression are set by means of a screw. On the two-stage version the combustion air can be separately, infinitely adjusted for both output stages via the air valve positioning motor.

Each burner that leaves our works is subjected to an elaborate final inspection. Competent personnel and computer-controlled inspection devices provide the guarantee for a perfect product.



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