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Brenner M

Oil burner low emissions according to EN267 Emission Class 3

Oil burner low emissions according to EN267 Emission Class 1 and 2

If you want to perform well, you must be in good form. The elongated shape of the M series is a combination of performance, functionality and sophisticated design.

The oil burners M have an optimized air guidance system, providing a quiet and pressure-stable blower. The high blower compression ensures stable and safe startup behaviour and a very good smoke pattern. The air intake duct is fully lined with a silencing material. In this way operating noise is reduced to a minimum.

Brenner M

The M series is equipped with a special mixing device which can be adjusted simply by sliding it from the outside, depending on the output and resistance of the heat generator. The compression and, hence, the combustion quality is thus optimally adaptable to any application: to heating boilers , warm air heaters, dryers or industrial applications. The heating oil combusts almost soot-free and CO-free with NOx emissions far below the limits of DIN EN 267.

The M series is delivered ready to plug in. The entire electrical system is located next to the burner. Any time-consuming wiring up with the switch cabinet is thereby dispensed with. All the electrical components have plug connections. Each burner is tested at our works. This provides safety and shortens the commissioning time. It also saves you money.

The oil burners M are equipped for two-stage operation.* The burner outputs more or less heat depending on the heat requirement. The combustion air can be infinitely adjusted separately for the two output stages via the electrical air valve positioning motor. In addition the GIERSCH automatic economizer is integrated. When the burner is at a standstill the air valve closes. In this way heat remains in the boiler for longer. This saves energy and is environmentally friendly.


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