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Baureihe MK For bigger plants you pay high attention for security of energy supplies and fuel costs. Therefore it should be necessary to change very fast the fuel. The duo fuel burners of the serie MK from GIERSCH are burning oil or gas optional. The change-over of the fuel will be effected by remote control or manual at the burner.

Within the basis excecution the oil pump is connected permanent with the motor about a coupling. Whether you didn’t have oil at the plant at the comissioning date e.g. you can dismantle the coupling whithin less hand grips. Within the execution with oil pump aggregate the oil pump is activated only on demand by an motor separately.

The security switch is looking for the oil pressure as min. -pressure- relief valve. Distinctive plug connections are provided for the easy handling.

The burner serie MK have an optimized air guidance system, providing low noise and pressure-stable blower. The high blower pressure provides together with the precision mixing device for optimal mixing of air and fuel.

The burners Wärme-Triebwerke® MK are equipped for two-stage-operation during oil-fired operation. Within the gas-fired operation you have the choose between two-stage or modulating operation in the pneumatical gas-air composite.

The high grade valve fittings on the gas line are preassembled at our factory, sealed and tested together with the burner complete with flame. All electrical connections are plug connections. This provides safety and shortens the comissioning time. The gas filter is part of the base excecution.

High grade materials, careful assembly and strict final inspection with unerring inspection methods. All things that make the difference that provides GIERSCH quality.


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